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So you’re thinking about Hypnosis?  Good for you. Allow me to tell you everything you need to know about hypnosis. Ready? It Works.

Doctors, scientists, and researchers still don’t know exactly how it works, they just have found time and time again that it does work.

I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I’m not a doctor. I don’t label you with a diagnosis or prescribe you pills. I work with you, and you and I, together as a team, work to get to the root cause of your issue and then get rid of it. It takes mental focus in a relaxed state to get this done. Mental focus in a relaxed state is trance. I help you relax into that state and then the teamwork begins.

Getting Started

Before you begin working with me, it will be good for you to know:

  • You’d probably find working with me to be very different from working with other hypnotists/ therapists.  Maybe harder.  Likely better results.
  • I work at the root cause of your issue. I don’t put Band-Aids and pretty words over your issue. You and I work together and dig down to the root of the issue and remove it.
  • I only work with clients who are truly ready to face their issue.
  • The vast majority of my clients are successful in resolving their issues.
  • Results are so good largely because I limit my practice to a certain type of client.


YES, absolutely. But when I say yes it absolutely works, know this: I Don’t Accept All Clients. I work only with clients looking for a long-term solution, not a short-term boost. I help clients who will actively participate in achieving their goals.

Hypnosis isn’t for everyone. We don’t sit and talk for an hour about your issue. We dive in to find the root cause and begin pulling some weeds. We pull until all the weeds are gone. If that sounds good to you, then Contact Me. Let’s get you happier, healthier and rid of the issue that burdens you!

Um, No. Not one bit Zombie, in fact most people “Hyper-Remember”. They remember more about a session from 6 months ago than what they ate for breakfast that day. Remember what I said earlier? You are relaxed and focused. So, most people remember quite clearly.

Barnyard antics are not part of my Hypnotherapy practice. They are funny in stage shows, but that only happens in comedy clubs. I’m a Hypnotherapist, here to help. No chicken games, I promise.

If you WANT to be hypnotized and you voluntarily come into my office and sit in my chair, then you can easily enter into a state of deep, relaxed hypnosis.

Even a stage hypnotist in a comedy club always asks for volunteers, because a person who volunteers is agreeing to be hypnotized and therefore can be.

The only people I cannot hypnotize are those who are scared, those who do not want to be hypnotized, or someone who is on drugs/drunk.

This one makes me laugh, because if you asked any other therapist that, they would have no clue. It would more likely be how many years as opposed to how many visits. Having said that, 3-6 does the trick for many issues. It certainly depends on the issue and person, but that’s about the average.

Common Issues

Hypnosis for Weight


Hypnosis for Smoking


Hypnosis for Social Anxiety


Hypnosis for Phobias